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Essential Tree Surgery in Hastings, East Sussex

Find out for free how easy it is to maintain your hedges with our no-cost site surveys and quotes. Phone Steve Molyneux Tree Care of Hastings, East Sussex, for a whole host of upkeep services from a reliable tree surgeon.

Man in Tree - Tree Surgery in Hastings, East Sussex

Top for Trees

Turn to Steve Molyneux Tree Care for expert work from qualified tree surgeons. We offer the following services:

• Thinning: This is the process of cutting down and removing a percentage of the smaller branches of 
  broadleaved species. Our service allows more light to pass through the canopy and reduces the wind
  resistance of the tree. The overall size and shape of the tree does not change.
• Pollarding: We remove the majority of the crown to leave a framework of major limbs or branches, 
  which are pruned on a cyclical basis to retain the initial pollard point. This is ideal as a form of
  management for younger trees.

• Reducing: Crown reductions are vital when a tree has become too big for its surroundings. We reduce the height and spread of the tree by an agreed
  amount to make it more suited to its position.

• Felling: We regularly fell dead, diseased, or dangerous trees. Quite often, these trees are in tight spaces and have to be dismantled piece by piece
  using rope-lowering systems. Felling is a last resort for healthy trees.
• Stump grinding: Steve Molyneux Tree Care grind out your stump so that you can replant in the area where an old tree grew. Usually, grinding down
   from 300 to 350mm below the surface will remove the stump. We’ll reduce our machine to 70cm in width when there is restricted access.

Contact Steve Molyneux Tree Care for a reliable tree surgeon who’ll keep your trees in good health.